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KB Associates is a consulting firm dedicated to meeting the needs of investment funds and their promoters. KB Associates provides experienced independent directors to serve on the boards of investment funds and management companies in all of the major fund jurisdictions.

You can download a pdf version of our Experienced Independent Directors for Investment Funds brochure

Trends in Corporate Governance

The governance standards long promoted by KB Associates are now increasingly required by both regulators and investors. High profile fund failures and frauds have turned the spotlight on the corporate governance of funds across all jurisdictions. Regulators and investors alike are scrutinising the composition and profile of fund boards with increasingly stringent due diligence being performed by investors on individual directors. Introduction It is imperative for investment managers to ensure that, as part of a quality corporate governance structure, fund directors meet the highest professional and ethical standards. The appointment of truly independent, nonconflicted directors is in the best interest of both fund investors and investment managers. Both parties benefit from objective advice and decision making, especially with regard to the oversight of fund service providers.

KB Associates’ Independent Directors

KB Associates independent directors currently serve on the boards of investment funds and management companies in Ireland.

KB Associates’ independent directors provide investment funds and management companies with:


KB Associates independent directors bring a wealth of diverse experience to the fund boards they serve. Our directors’ backgrounds include fund operations, custody, prime brokerage, legal, fund administration and audit with specific expertise in areas such as ETFs, financial statement production, risk management and compliance. KB Associates independent directors provide one facet of a well-diversified fund board.


KB Associates independent directors act in the best interests of investors, which includes overseeing investment managers’ actions. While safeguarding the interests of investors is paramount KB Associates directors also provide advice and guidance to investment managers on governance issues where appropriate.


KB Associates independent directors are highly professional and qualified individuals, carry out their duties in accordance with industry standard best practices and act with sound judgement and probity at all times. KB Associates provides directors with real expertise who are genuinely independent and free from potentially significant conflicts of interest.


KB Associates independent directors devote significant time to professional development and maintenance of industry knowledge. They also commit substantial time to each director role. This commitment ensures both technical expertise and an in-depth knowledge of each client’s business enabling KB Associates directors to make a valuable contribution to the funds they serve.

To discuss how KB Associates can support investment funds in a range of jurisdictions please contact;

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