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At KB Associates we believe that good leadership, a diverse workforce, and a focus on corporate and social responsibility will continue to make our business and the communities in which we work stronger. We are taking meaningful actions to ensure that we grow in a sustainable way, and that our company has a positive impact on the world around us.


At KB Associates we believe that good leadership is not only about making a profit but about driving positive change. Leadership comes with a responsibility to make a positive impact on the environment and on the communities around us. We demonstrate this commitment to positive change in a number ways:

  • We support charities including those focused on education and eradicating homelessness. We are a strong supporter of Basis Point, whose ambition is to give every child equal access to education.
  • Staff at KB Associates participate in Irish Funds working groups, which allows them to work collaboratively on solutions to industry issues and to influence legislative change
  • We are continuously striving to increase the number of environmental initiatives we implement, which currently includes the following:
  • Removing plastic bottles and takeaway coffee cups from the office and providing staff with reusable options
  • Operating a paperless office, and ensuring that when paper is needed, it is shredded and recycled
  • Recycling old IT hardware (monitors, keyboards, laptops and desktop PCs) and donating this equipment to schools, charities and community groups.

Inclusion & Diversity

At KB Associates we place great importance on inclusion and diversity in the workplace. We’re committed to increasing the proportion of team members from under-represented communities, and to achieving a better gender balance. In particular, we are focussed on achieving more inclusive leadership. Here a few ways that we demonstrate our commitment:

  • Staffing at KB Associates reflects great diversity across a wide range of measures including ethnicity, nationality, gender and qualifications. Within KB Associates, there are over fifteen different nationalities represented and 40% of staff are women.
  • Working practices including flexible working hours and flexible working locations, which help us to attract the best talent, regardless of their personal challenges.
  • We are a true meritocracy, and we support staff in bettering their career potential by funding additional diplomas and professional qualifications.

Corporate and Social Responsibility (“CSR”)

KB Associates has established a CSR working group to ensure that we dedicate the necessary resources to hold ourselves socially accountable. The working group analyses the impact we are having on all aspects of society and explores how we can implement initiatives to improve our impact on the world around us. The role of the CSR working group is to:

  • Define the scope of our CSR policy
  • Critically assess the impact our business is making on all aspects of society (economic, social and environmental) and identify changes to enhance our positive impact and minimise our negative impact
  • Work with all staff to identify and implement charitable and environmental initiatives
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