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In order to maintain and improve our website we monitor its usage by means of cookies. These are files held on your computer or mobile phone which store information about, for example, when you last visited our website.

We believe that the minimal use we make of cookies has no impact on your personal privacy whatsoever, however for clarity this document should help answer any questions you may have on the subject. If you wish to discuss our use of your personal data please see our Data Protection Privacy notices linked to at the end of this page. These include contact details for our Data Protection Officer and information on how we use personal data.

Why do we use cookies?

By tracking how people use our website we gain insights into potential improvements that can be made to it and to our services, and into how different areas of the website perform for different audiences. This is achieved by using anonymous cookies which remain on your internet browser as you move around our website.

It is possible for you to switch off cookies for our website, or even for all websites. Should you do this you should be aware that some parts of our website (and indeed large parts of the internet) may not work as well as normal for you, or even become unavailable to you.

What cookies do we use?

We use cookies of two types: persistent and temporary (also known as ‘session’ cookies).

The temporary ‘session’ cookies only remain on your computer for each visit to the website; once you close your internet browser, or once you have not been on the website for a while (usually about 20 minutes) they automatically delete themselves. Such cookies are used by us to see how people, during a visit to the website, move around from web-page to web-page. These cookies include one called ‘phpsessid’ which helps the website remember whether you are logged in as you move around the website. Similarly, another temporary cookie called ‘wordpress_test_cookie’ checks to see if you have acknowledged our website privacy notice via the popup box.

The persistent cookies remain on your computer between visits to the website. You’re welcome to delete them at any time, but if you do so you may notice that forms on the website such as the login form no longer remember your login name between visits. These persistent cookies tell us how long (on average) people leave between visits, and they can last up to two years. These cookies include one called ‘_ga’ (short for Google Analytics, which is our primary website usage software).

What is the website usage information used for?

The anonymous data that is collected by Google Analytics is aggregated together into various reports that help us run the website. For example, one report tells us how long people tend to stay on the website. Another tells us what percentage of our website visitors come from Ireland or elsewhere.

We do not collect, and have neither need nor interest in collecting, information about how individual people make use of the website. Reporting is done on an aggregated basis.

We do not place advertisements or other third party tracking cookies or pixels on the website. We may, however, link to third-party websites which have different policies on cookie usage. We are not responsible for the tracking methodology or the content on third-party websites.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about the usage of cookies or personal information on the website, please contact us by email at or by phone at +353 1 901 1671.

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