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Investment Manager Set-Up

KB Associates offers this service to asset managers from its London office. KB Associates provides tailored assistance to start-up investment managers by addressing all operational, risk management and infrastructure issues necessary to ensure the successful establishment of the asset manager. Due to its independence, KB Associates offers impartial advice as to the most appropriate service providers for each asset manager and fund structure.

Due Diligence Preparation

In order to attract investor capital, both funds and asset managers must have the appropriate operational and compliance infrastructure in place to pass investor due diligence reviews. The focus of investor due diligence is evolving rapidly and it is imperative that proper procedures are in place. KB Associates critically reviews the operational infrastructure and processes along with the materials to be provided to potential investors in order to identify and rectify likely causes of investor concern. Consideration is given to a wide range of factors including risk management, governance, compliance and operational controls.

Facilities Agent

KB Associates provides Facilities Agent Services to asset managers wishing to distribute funds into the UK. A brochure outlining the KB Associates facilities agent service can be found here.

KB Associates in the UK
Peter Northcott
Peter Northcott

Director with KB Associates UK

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