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Daniel Baistrocchi Consultant

Daniel has been active in the financial services sector since 2016. He performs risk analysis of complex hedge fund portfolios to meet risk measurement and regulatory reporting requirements. He has particular expertise in modelling VaR, stress scenarios and quantifying fund exposures for different types of risks (Interest rate Risk, Spread Risk, Counterparty Risk, FX Risk, Equity Risk and Concentration Risk).

Prior to joining KB Associates, Daniel was a Market Risk Manager at State Street GX Analytics. He was responsible for researching, designing and implementing the Solvency II regulatory solution (Tripartite Template) and the Solvency Capital Requirement calculations (SCR). From his previous positions, Daniel has extensive experience in assessing/managing the operational and financial risk of Investment projects in corporates and presenting these projects to Risk Committees and Boards of Directors.

Daniel holds a Master of Science (Hons) in Investment, Treasury and Banking from Dublin City University. He also holds a Bachelor of Business Studies from the National University of Cordoba in Argentina.

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